They offer workshops and training for employers to help create diverse and inclusive workplaces through raising awareness, identifying improvement opportunities, recruiting candidates, and enabling training and financial support.

NOND is a national organization that represents people with disabilities and chronic health conditions who are students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. The organization provides resources to parents, individuals, nursing and disability organizations, disability service providers, researchers, and educational and healthcare institutions and employers. They also advocate on policy that impacts nurses with disabilities.



The Society of Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities is a social enterprise which provides an online supportive community to clinicians with disabilities and freely provides disability-related resources and tools that are relevant for healthcare professionals, students, and families.


DABC provides tips for applying disability benefits, filing income tax, offers workshops that promote accessibility and inclusion of employees and clients with disabilities in the workplace.



The Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities is a not-for-profit, social networking and support organization for physicians in Canada hoping to connect with one another. It provides a platform to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern for physicians with disabilities, and to exchange of ideas and information that can be applied to their clinical practice. They also advocate for better clinical education and research for both patients and physicans with disabilities.

The Workers with Disabilities from BC Federation of Labour represents workers who identify as people with disabilities. This group serves as a place for workers with disabilities to network, and to discuss issues of focus for people living and working with disabilities.

Unifor is a private sector union in Canada. They are committed to achieving dignity for workers with disabilities through awareness initiatives. Info graphics, an Inclusive Practices Tool Kit, and Disability awareness posters are all available to download on their website.

CCRW helps people with disabilities to break down barriers to employment. They offer job seekers the tools and confidence to educate and market themselves when searching for jobs, and they help workers to refine and demonstrate their abilities. CCRW also promotes inclusiveness and equality during hiring, and gives best-practice in retention practices for employers.

WorkBC provides services and equipment for eligible workers to reduce work-related barrier due to a disability or a functional limitation. Services include, but are not limited to, ergonomic supports, communication and hearing devices, and vehicle modifications.