The IC Team at UBC is currently implementing and evaluating an individualized support strategy called  my Accessibility Plan (myAP).

The aim of myAP is to help students with disabilities address key educational barriers. Through working with a member of the IC team, students will discuss their key educational issues or challenges as well as develop personalized approaches for addressing them.

Individualized Support: Students meet with a “case manager” who helps them develop their myAP, which is an individualized support strategies for addressing specific challenges related to their academic life and practicum.

Mentorship: We bring students and clinicians with disabilities together through one-on-one mentorships, which give students the opportunity to learn about clinicians’ experiences negotiating barriers in their workplace as well as potential strategies for managing these barriers.

System Navigation: We offer students strategies and help concerning the navigation of various departments within the university, such as accessing accommodations or documenting their disabilities.

Workshops: Students have the opportunity to attend various workshops, which focus on disclosure, strategy development, consultation regarding needs, and more. These workshops offer students a chance to develop skills as well as socialize with other students who are experiencing similar challenges.

Educational Strategies: We aim to equip students with the educational strategies needed to navigate the demands of both their academic work and practicum. Students can share those educational material with faculty, clinical supervisors and peers.